CrossFit Versus Kettlebell Training

CrossFit Versus Kettlebell Training

CrossFit training and kettlebell training both provide considerable advantages, but which type of training is right for you?

The Top Benefits Of CrossFit Training

Well Rounded Training

CrossFit combines several sports disciplines in one: these include weight training, aerobics, and gymnastics. This can yield superior and well-rounded fitness results and can make you strong and reshape your body. CrossFit can prepare you for any physical challenge that you can imagine.

Diverse Workouts

CrossFit is very intense and challenging and its training is very diverse – no two workouts will ever be identical and that makes it fun.

Short Workouts Ideal For Busy People

Most of its workouts run about 20 to 30 minutes and so CrossFit is easy to fit around your busy lifestyle than most workouts. Furthermore, CrossFit requires you to put in your very best efforts at all times. It is not possible to slack during CrossFit.

Community And Teamwork

By doing CrossFit, you will become a part of a supportive, encouraging sports community. This helps to keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Such a community is generally not part of kettlebell training.

If you are lacking in motivation, CrossFit is probably the better choice for you.


Coaches whose role is to motivate, encourage, and guide teach CrossFit. They help members prepare for the CrossFit WOD by providing preliminary training for the specific WOD moves.

This service is not available in other sports disciplines, such as kettlebell training (unless you hire a private trainer, of course).

Identify Weaknesses

Finally, by doing CrossFit, you will be able to identify your weaknesses quickly, which will help you identify where you need to improve, and help you to reach your goals more quickly. This is because any weaknesses you may have become immediately apparent in CrossFit, as it is such a demanding sport.

The Top Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

Like CrossFit training, kettlebell training also provides numerous benefits.

Cardio Mixed With Strength Training

Kettlebell training combines cardio training and strength training. Much like CrossFit, exercises are diversified and mixed. This keeps kettlebell training from becoming boring.

Short Workouts

Kettlebell training is also incredibly intense, which means that workouts are short. However, the advantage over CrossFit training is that kettlebell training can be done in your own home.

Portability and Mobility

Kettlebells are small and portable, so if you have to travel for business frequently, you can still work out by taking your kettlebells with you, conversely, CrossFit equipment is not so mobile.

Work The Stabilizer Muscles

Furthermore, kettlebell training requires the use of more stabilizer muscles than CrossFit does. It also makes use of the muscles in a larger range of motion than CrossFit does. This is due to the design of kettlebells.

Full Body Workouts

Kettlebells also work every single muscle in your body. CrossFit does not do this; CrossFit focuses on muscles individually and uses various equipment.

Fewer Injuries

In addition to this, CrossFit can cause many injuries. In fact, injuries such as rhabdomyolysis (referred to as a cartoon named “Uncle Rhabdo”) are quite frequent in CrossFit. This does not occur with kettlebell training, as kettlebells reinforce muscles and tendons, thus protecting them against injuries.

A Complete Workout

Kettlebell training is a complete workout – it focuses on increasing your range of movement, improving the functioning of your entire body, as opposed to specific parts, boosting your strength so that your mobility improves, and it requires both cardio and strength at the same time. Kettlebell workouts also strengthen the core.

Thus, kettlebell training is a more complete form of training than CrossFit. Consequently, it is an efficient means for strengthening your back and your abdominals. According to people who have tried it, kettlebell training also eliminates lower back pain for good.

The Choice Is Yours

The choice ultimately is yours which workout to choose. It is possible to do both, and to benefit from all the both have to offer. The best option is to participate in each type of training and make a final decision from experience.