How To Avoid Injury With CrossFit

How To Avoid Injury With CrossFit

CrossFit has literally become one of the most popular fitness regimens in the United States. CrossFit supports functional movement in all its moves, this means that the exercises are created to mimic activities we do in everyday life and therefore can make you strong and able to deal with carrying your kids, lugging groceries, bending, sitting and all the other tasks that we engage in daily.

This is important because often times traditional workouts use what are known as isolated movements that only work single muscles, as opposed to functional exercises that train major muscle groups to work together. This is what makes us more functional and stronger in our daily life and can go a long way to helping us avoid injury as we age.

However, there are other injury concerns that also must be addressed to ensure a safe workout.
To the onlooker, CrossFit may look like an extreme type of workout that is guaranteed to lead to injury, but this is only true when certain precautions are not taken.

In addition, with so many people participating in it, it is very important to learn how to avoid injury. Below are five simple things you can do to avoid injury while doing CrossFit workouts.

#1 – Get Checked Out By A Medical Professional

CrossFit is a very challenging workout. It works every part of your body at the same time. If you have existing injuries, it is very important you check with a medical professional to ensure you won’t cause any further damage. You should get the all clear before starting this style of workout.

#2 – Always Warm Up And Cool Down

CrossFit focuses greatly on strength training. If you lack flexibility, you will be more susceptible to injury. That is why you must take the time to warm up before every workout.
Stretch your muscles so they are ready for the workout ahead. Improving your flexibility is a great way to avoid common injuries.

A cool down is also important as it can help with effective muscle recovery.


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