Reasons To Workout In A Group

Reasons  To Workout In A Group

Fitness is at the forefront of many people’s minds and it is quite amazing that with all the options we have in exercise methods that few still make the commitment to participate in a regular fitness regimen.

But, it is true that with the New Year now upon us, many will have drawn a line in the sand and decide it’s time to get fit and healthy once and for all. Knowing where to start is hard, however more and more people who want to improve their fitness are turning to group workouts.

Today we will give you our top 5 reasons why it’s better to workout in a group instead of going it alone.

There is a group training class for everybody

Regardless of your health and fitness goals, there is likely to be a group workout that suits you. Most gyms offer a lot of unique options in fitness classes, with many now offering small group training sessions focusing on Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding and even CrossFit style workouts.

And, let’s not forget all the choices we have in dance style classes, like Zumba, Hip Hop and the latest Bollywood inspired Doonya classes that are choreographed with the same style of movements used in Indian dance.

Not into dance? How about the ultra-fat-burning and muscle strengthening Kettlebell training classes? With Kettlebells you get a full body workout and get the added boost of super fast weight loss.

So, before dismissing group workouts be sure to have a look around at what is available in your area.

Personal training sessions are too expensive

Once you take a look at how much personal trainers charge it will no longer be a mystery why so many want to work in the fitness industry. Working with an experienced trainer is expensive, with sessions often costing in excess of $100 per hour, making them out of reach for many people interested in improving their health and fitness.

Most trainers know this and can offer great deals for small group workouts, where each participant pays a much smaller sum–typically around $30-$50 depending on the number of participants. This is obviously great for their clients, but it is also fantastic for the trainer as they will often make a lot more per session than they would with a single client.
And, fitness classes in general cost much less than a personal trainer, but you still get the same result, as the instructor will be an expert who leads the class with proper form and routines. Many times a fitness class can be taken for a just a few bucks at community centers, and are included in gym memberships.


For most people getting up at the crack of dawn and going for a run alone simply isn’t going to happen. The people who are motivated to do that are definitely a rare breed. For the rest of us who need a little push to get going, attending a group workout can be a fantastic idea.
Once you commit to a class you will have an instructor who can make you forget about everything else that has gone on during your day and motivate you to work hard. They will push you towards your goals, helping you set personal bests along the way.

It is also important to note that the energy and motivation that is created in a group atmosphere is highly contagious. And, if you lack motivation a class may be just what you need.


There was a reason why the teacher did a roll call back in high school. Simply put, it kept people accountable. If nobody is keeping track of you, there is little accountability. If you decide to hit snooze rather than go for a run before work nobody will know except you.

When you attend a group workout and make friends people will notice if you slack off and don’t attend class up. In addition to this, the fees coming out of your bank account each month will also serve as motivation to go to each class. Nobody likes to see their money going down the drain.

Social opportunities

People who attend group training tend to be quite social people, so once you’ve been attending a group training class for a little while don’t be surprised if you make some new friends and start getting invited to a few social events.

You can also make friends in these classes who have a fitness mindset and these are the best people to have in your life to keep you on track with fitness.

In addition to improving your health and fitness, you are likely to have a whole new bunch of like-minded friends to socialize with when you’re not training.

Take Action

Begin the road to good health today and research group workouts in your area, and remember if you don’t like one, there are many more so keep looking until you find one you love!